AKIN: Bound By Honor. The AKIN Knight lives by his word and the brand has its roots grounded in the principles of chivalry. This has been AKIN’s philosophy since its original opening on Chicago’s South Side in 2009 and has carried on to Chicago’s North Side in 2010.

AKIN’s foundations are built on the love for sneakers. The founders were collecting before the hype, and want to bring to Chicago’s consumers what they want: originality. Everything that the store offers is produced organically in order to support Chicago’s talents: from Jordan’s legacy to its local artists.

AKIN’s beginnings were sparked by a passion and an opportunity, which is what it hopes to bring to the streets of Chicago. It celebrates the diversity of its hometown and provides a place where all lifestyles can be unified in a common culture. In the upcoming years, AKIN will continue to grow and become a revolutionary part of generations to come.

Shoes are available first come first serve. We do NOT take pre-orders. We do NOT sell shoes before the release date. We DO sell every shoe at BOX PRICE. We stay true to the game and true to our customers. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.